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Exemplary quality from Farm to Factory

Immortal Investment BV was established in 2012. Its management team cumulative have 100+ years of experience in global trading and procurement in Africa. Immortal Investment BV specializes in Timber, Gold, Cocoa, oilseeds, pulses, raw nuts and specialty crops, primarily from Africa, following the farm to factory model. Based on our in-depth knowledge of our products and vast experience in Africa we have built longstanding and strong relationships with our customers. Immortal Investment BV is recognized as a leader in quality. We follow best trading practices throughout the supply chain and support rural economies.

Driving force

Our mission is to be the driving force in the global trade for Cocoa, sesame seed, raw gold Timber,nuts, dry edible pulses, and other specialties. We work directly with the farmers in the African subcontinent and provide healthy food choices to the global market. Our products are diligently sourced from the producers across our origins, custom processed to optimum standards at our specialized facilities throughout major producing areas. Immortal Investment BV takes pride in providing best in class quality control for product and processes, which reflects our commitment in trade across the globe. Our core products are naturally produced, low on water consumption, key to the development of rural economies in Africa and in case of pulses/legumes return nutrients to the soil.


Exemplary quality from Farm to Factory

Immortal Investment BV was founded in early 2012. The company is a 100% owned subsidiary of Netherlands based Immortal BV. The creation of Immortal Investment BV was an expression of Cetra’s strategic drive to move beyond its historical core business: the provision of raw materials to the European compound feed industry. This had already entailed a number of purchases of internationally active companies in the food and feed ingredient specialties, as well as brown field new companies, such as Immortal Investment BV.

German roots

Cefetra itself is part of BayWa Ag, a listed company, based in Munich. BayWa Ag, founded in 1920, has its roots in the German agricultural sector. The company has a dominant position in agriculture and agricultural machinery, renewable and classical energy, building materials, and global fruit and produce trade. This has resulted in a truly international footprint, including activities in the Gulf region and the African continent.

Immortal Investment BV has been founded with the backing of a well-resourced, very diverse and internationally active Group, which is keen to implement its strategy through companies that have similar focus and drive.

Industrial knowledge

Prior to becoming part of the Cefetra Group, Immortal Investment BV commercial and management team accumulated many years of industry knowledge, in several industry leading companies. More recently, Immortal Investment BV core staff, including key staff in the Immortal Investment BV sourcing countries, had worked together as a group.


Company stakeholders


Longevity and Customer Focus

BayWa AG is Immortal Investment BV’s ultimate owner. It has more than 20,000 employees in 40 different countries. Group Turnover in 2020 was EURO 17.2bn, EURO 10.5bn of this turnover was in the agriculture segment. The segment includes the trade in grains, oilseeds and specialty grains, nuts, pulses and specialities as well as inputs such as fertilizers, seeds and plant protection and agricultural machinery. Group companies are involved in origination , storage, international trade and distribution of agricultural products. Assets include port facilities, substantial storage capacities throughout Europe and collection and retail locations of which there are 176 in Germany alone. Group companies traded about 25mln of grains, oilseeds and specialities in 2020.

Agri-trading activities

Cefetra Group BV was established as a holding company for all international agri-trading activities and has its office in Rotterdam. Leading brands of Cefetra Group are: Cefetra, Cefetra Feed Service, Tracomex, Premium Crops, Royal Ingredients Group and BioCore. These independent brands work closely together to ensure the best possible service to our customers.

Cefetra Group companies trade approximately 21 million tons of raw materials per year. The bulk of the volume is raw materials for the European feed compound industry.


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