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Grade A Dried Raw Cocoa Beans at Immortal Investment BV

At Immortal Investment BV, we pride ourselves on being a prominent trading and investment company that offers a unique selection of premium-grade cocoa beans sourced directly from Africa. Our commitment to quality and ethical sourcing sets us apart as a trusted name in the industry without an online store.

Experience the Richness of African Cocoa Beans

Our curated collection of Grade A cocoa beans showcases the expertise of local vendors in Africa, resulting from centuries-old farming practices. These beans offer unparalleled quality and unique flavors, showcasing Africa’s agricultural heritage.

Your Gateway to African Excellence

We connect enthusiasts, chocolatiers, culinary experts, and investors with Africa’s finest cocoa beans. Our extensive network facilitates seamless transactions, nurturing business growth and investment ventures. We celebrate tradition, culture, and excellence.

Unlock the Potential with Us

Immortal Investment BV is a destination for Grade A dried raw cocoa beans, focusing on quality, ethical sourcing, and connecting with customers. Through taste, culture, and investment, each bean represents craftsmanship and passion.

    • Cocoa beans from East Africa

      Cocoa trees of the Forastero variety are planted in East Africa, like in West Africa. The most basic and popular variety for the production of chocolate products and cocoa drinks has a tart taste with a slight acidity. Such cocoa beans with a pronounced aroma are best suited for making dark chocolate and serve as the basis for its recipe. Do you need an ideal base for high-quality confectionery products? Cocoa beans from East Africa is the best choice for you.

    • Cocoa beans from South America

      Cocoa beans from South America have the most “chocolate” taste with fruity notes. The Criollo variety (which means “noble” in Spanish) is considered the rarest and most sophisticated in the world: its share in the world cocoa bean crop is only 1–2%. Cocoa trees of this variety grow only in the tropics of South America (Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia) and are very whimsical. They are very susceptible to weather conditions and prone to disease. This is what makes Criollo cocoa beans so rare and valuable. If you want cocoa with a sophisticated and vibrant aroma, as well as a light bitterness, for making dessert chocolate, then cocoa beans from South America are perfect for you.

    • Cocoa beans from West Africa

      Cocoa beans from West Africa have a special and recognizable aroma. Variety Forastero (which means “foreigner” in Spanish) is the basis of all recipes and products from cocoa. West African beans have a characteristic sour bitter and astringent taste. Trees of this variety are very resistant to diseases and pests, so they are the most prolific. Forastero accounts for 90% of the world cocoa bean crop. If you need high-quality cocoa for the basic production of chocolate products, then Forastero is your choice.

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