Sawn timber

Sawn timber

Product name

Square-edged sawn timber and industrial sawn timber (AIP – large widths)


From the 7 sawmills in Africa (Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of the Congo)


FSC® Certification (Gabon and South-East Cameroon), FSC Controlled Wood (South Cameroon), Legality and traceability (Congo)



Specifications adapted to market requirements: 

  • Random or fixed widths and lengths
  • Standard or specific thickness
  • Kiln dried (KD) or Air dried (AD)
  • “FAS” or “Standard and better” graded

Thanks to a large number of kiln driers, we are able to propose a great variety of species and stable volumes: 

  • Kiln dried (KD): Okoume, Ayous, Sapele, Sipo, African Mahogany, Frake
  • Air dried (AD):
    • Main species: Okoume, Sapele, Ayous, Tali, Okan, Padouk, Sipo, Iroko
    • Other species: Movingui, Kosipo, Doussie, Moabi, Bosse, Iatandza, Frake, Assamella (CITES), Beli, etc.


For any request for quotation regarding sawn timber, please choose your location in the drop-down menu below.   This will provide you with direct access to your regional contact person.


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