Each year, several tens of thousands of cubic meters of logs from the group’s forest concessions in Cameroon, Congo and Gabon are placed on the market by Rougier Afrique International.


Origin : Cameroon and Congo

Even though one observes a general trend of falling log export volumes (due to the implementation of log export ban or export quotas in Central Africa), the great species diversity in Rougier concessions ensures a number of species eligible for log export.


100% of traded logs from Rougier forest concessions may carry different types of certificates:

  • certificate of legality and traceability (in Congo).
  • certificate of good forest management (FSC® and FSC® Controlled Wood in Gabon and in Cameroon)


Main species available of substantial annual volumes: Sapelli, Tali, Sipo, Okan, Ayous, Dabema, Mukulungu

Other available species: Pao Rosa, Mahogny, Osanga, Eveuss, Alep, Lotofa, Omvong, Essia, Aiele, Andoung, Ekaba, Angongui, Niove, etc.


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