• Okoumé

      Aucumea klaineana

      Natural colour: light salmon to dark pink, darkening when exposed to light. Fine to medium texture. Slightly interlocked to interlocked grain. Fine silver grain.

      With its production of more than 220 000 m3 per year, ROUGIER is one of the world’s leading Okoume producers.

      Origin: Gabon

      Possible end-uses: plywood, furniture, veneer, joinery

      Marketing: Sawnwood and plywood

      Physical and mechanical properties: Widely recognised as one the world’s best materials for rotary cut veneers, Okoume timber is easy to work and is as suitable for the manufacturing of furniture as for interior joinery.
      Moreover, it is a species of a very even colour, good bonding performances and good compatibility with finished products.


      Download the CIRAD’s technical data sheet

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